Receiving Notification of Reservations

Congratulations, a customer has just made a booking on your Awayco shopfront! You will automatically receive an email notification to the designated email in your Admin app.

Designated correspondence email in the Admin app
Designated correspondence email in the Admin app


The subject of the email will include the phrase Reservation Update, followed by the name of the customer and their unique booking code. The reservation notification includes:

  • The unique booking code
  • The pick-up and return date of the reservation
  • An image of the product
  • The name of the product and its manufacturer
  • The specific variant of the product, e.g. size or colour
  • The customer's name and email


When it comes time for the customer to pick-up their rental, you can check the booking out and in using the Shop app.

Example reservation notification email
Example reservation notification email


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